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Action Commandments for Every Believer 6: Weekly Thoughts

Action Commandments for Every Believer Day 6 – Weekly Thoughts

And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works. (Hebrews 10:24, ESV)

As we think about the topic of Christ’s commandments from this past week, we should be impressed with this fact: the Christian life is meant to be an active life. And yet, how often do we sacrifice an “active Christian life” for just an “active life”? We pile on work, activities, volunteer opportunities, sports, hanging out with friends, eating out, and so many other things at the expense of doing what we’ve written about this week. Prayer, Bible study, and the gospel are often secondary thoughts, which opens us up to attacks from Satan and leaves us unprepared for the Lord’s return. 

It’s a shame how we as Christians have allowed everyday life to dictate our spiritual life instead of the other way around. We need to turn life on its head. The active lives we lead must be filled with activities that will aid our spiritual growth. And it’s okay to be challenged by other believers to do just that! Isn’t that what it means to “stir up one another”? Maybe you look at the life of another Christian and wonder, “Wow, how do they do it? They seem to have it all together!” They might not, of course, but ask them anyway. You might learn how to better order your own life. Also, be willing and open to being stirred up to actively do “good works.” If another Christian challenges you to be more active in your Christian life, don’t be offended. How many other challenges do we accept with ease? We see people at the gym, and we feel like we need to do something (maybe). We see other parents taking their kids to private sports lessons, and we feel the tug to take our kids no matter the expense. But if we see a devoted believer living an active life for the Lord, do we think, “That’s the model I want to follow”? We should! Maybe we can all end this week with a refreshed and renewed desire to life an active (and fulfilling) spiritual life, filled with activities that honor and glorify Him.

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