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Courage When… 6: Review

Day 6 of Courage When – Lessons in Courage Review

This week, we have taken a look at five different Old Testament figures who showed great courage. We have learned that courage is less about strength than it is about dependence on the Lord, and less about perfect planning than it is about perspective. From the lives of Daniel, Esther, Abraham, Joshua, and David, we see the enormous value of the following five courageous choices. 

We can:

  • Choose faithfulness to God even when it makes us fair game to critics and enemies.
  • Choose firmness of purpose for God even when our unexpected roles require unexpected risk.
  • Choose faith in God even when His directions seem confusing or callous.
  • Choose fellowship with God even when our enemies seem to be everywhere.
  • Choose to focus on God even when our enemies seem to be enormous.

I encourage you to read their full stories in Scripture, and I pray that looking closely at these men and women of God will encourage and strengthen us as we carry the hope of the Gospel to a world filled with fear.

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