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Devotional Thoughts for the Day 1- 2 Timothy 2:15

Devotional Thoughts for the Day
Day 1- 2 Timothy 2:15
Ruth P McDonald

I recently came across this verse and enjoyed the challenge it presents and the encouragement we can gather from the wisdom of its words.

“Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth.” (2 Timothy 2:15, ESV)

The early Church suffered intense persecution and hardship. These realities alone might have been enough to silence a believer. Some may have been fearful of being bold for Christ in a time when their lives were in danger. Paul encourages them, though, to be workers who have no need to be ashamed in a coming day. We must be bold in our faith, so that we may not feel regret and lose reward for being passive believers.

In a culture full of false teachers, believers also needed to be knowledgeable in the Word, understanding it so they could discern what was true and what was false. They needed to know how to handle God’s Word and be able to aptly teach it, preach it and live by it.

Thousands of years later, these encouragements are for us, too. We live in a culture where our desire to fit in and be like everyone else can sometimes silence us. We lack boldness and don’t share the gospel like we should. We struggle to live out our faith before the lost. We seldom evangelize, and if we do, it’s with neither boldness nor urgency. We allow fear to hold us back.

Another area in which we often lack discipline is in our study of God’s Word. We have so many distractions, and our loudest distraction is what we continually hold in our hand—our phone—constantly pulling us to its content. If we are to share His Word with others, we need to invest time into studying it and then applying its truths.

I don’t want to be a weak or passive believer, and yet oftentimes I allow fear to stand in the way of my boldness. I want to be a worker approved, aptly handling His Word and sharing it with others in a knowledgeable way. But I can’t just want these things; there must be self-discipline and action. I’ll need to apply myself to become an approved worker, and then stand up and speak up with boldness, knowing God’s Spirit will guide my words and actions.

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