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Devotional Thoughts for the Day 2: Questions and Decisions

Devotional Thoughts for the Day 2 – Questions and Decisions

“If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.” (James 1:5, ESV)

What are some questions you ask yourself when you make a decision? At the most immature level, we might begin with “What’s best for me?” This might be a good consideration, but as believers we need to go much deeper and further than this level of questioning. 

The next question we might ask is “What is right?” Again, that’s a great thing to consider. We might ask if it’s right in the sense of the law, or morally so. But just because something is right doesn’t mean it’s good for us. Take, for example, the law in the state of Colorado. While smoking pot is legal there, it is not a “good” practice for the believer. So we need to push beyond this question as well when we make decisions; being right isn’t always the answer.

The best question we can ask when making decisions is this: “What glorifies God?” If we make decisions based on this, we will choose well. And the truth is that it’ll answer the previous questions as well. It’ll be good for us (even though it may not always feel like it’s good), and it’ll be right. 
To be quite vulnerable here, I often make decisions after weighing practical data. But how many times have I actually asked myself if my decision glorified God? Not nearly enough! Asking this question and answering it honestly is such a great habit to establish. When we get into the habit of always filtering our decisions through the question of what will bring God glory, then we will be on track for living a godly life and making decisions in the wisest way possible.

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