You are currently viewing Devotional Thoughts for the Day 9: The People Pleaser

Devotional Thoughts for the Day 9: The People Pleaser

Devotional Thoughts for the Day 9: The People Pleaser

“If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ.” (Galatians 1:10b)

People pleasing is certainly not a new thing. There are many ways in which this may be manifested, but we see it more in the areas in which we’re most insecure. The way we look, the way we are perceived at work, the way our homes look, or the way we present ourselves are often areas where our insecurity reigns. 

When we look to please people, we will not live in the joyful purpose we were meant to. It causes comparison, jealousy and self-doubt. These steal our security in sneaky ways; we don’t even realize that our insecurity is negatively impacting our relationship with Jesus. 

People pleasing is so common. For most of us, we may not even realize how often it’s wrapped into our days and our hearts. We do things to appease others, please others, make other people like us, or feel validated and loved. I find it’s crept into most of my relationships to a degree, if not all. I love to please others, but this should not bring displeasure to the Lord in any way. Often, we compromise, we cajole, we dress immodestly to attract attention, or we try to buy acceptance or love. All of these are unhealthy practices within our relationships. 

If, however, we allow ourselves to first please God, we won’t have the same struggles. He will give us freedom—freedom from superficial relationships based on false personas. Pleasing Him will open our hearts to others in ways that are healthy and bring wholeness to our relationships. As He does this in us, we find ourselves secure in Christ, and much more secure in our minds and hearts.

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