You are currently viewing Fall Testimony Series 2023 10: Wilma Petterson’s Testimony

Fall Testimony Series 2023 10: Wilma Petterson’s Testimony

Fall Testimony Series 2023 Day 10 – Wilma Petterson’s Testimony

As a young girl, one of the most impactful things I remember speaking to me about needing salvation was the salvation of my younger sister, Anne. I was around ten years old at the time, and I was now the only one in our family of six without Christ.

Raised in a Christian family in Scotland, I grew up hearing the gospel regularly. My father, an evangelist, decided to move our family from Scotland to the United States. The only way to accomplish this move was by a very long trip across the ocean. That trip terrified me, especially as someone who was spiritually lost. It began to weigh heavily on my heart as the time neared.

My family took vacations to the beach town of Rothsay in Scotland. My cousins lived in Rothsay, and we would stay at their house while they vacationed as well—a double deal. One day while in Rothsay, I walked down to the beach, joined by a family friend, and found some women doing a Bible school. They were called the Faith Mission and these wonderful women faithfully shared the gospel with us each day.

One rainy day, I was so sad, thinking Bible school would be canceled, and I was so wanting to be saved. But then the sun came out and my cousin and I ran down to see if they were having a meeting on the beach. I was so happy to see the women there! I listened intently that day, tearing up over the message I heard. One of the older women asked me if I wanted to be saved, and I nodded that I did.

These women took me inside and read verses with me. They read Romans 10:9 with me—if I confess with my mouth and believe in my heart that God raised Him from the dead, I would be saved. That’s as simple as it is—and I did just that!

My cousin and my sister, Anne, ran home ahead of me. They told my mother and my Uncle Davey that I was talking to the women about salvation and had gotten saved. When I arrived home, my mom and uncle asked me what happened, and they were so happy to hear my news. They had been praying for me and their prayers were answered. I was saved on August 2, 1956, shortly before our trip across the ocean. God has been so faithful through the many years since that day long ago. I’ve never once regretted making the decision to come to Christ and receive His free gift of salvation.

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