You are currently viewing Fall Testimony Series 2023 8: Moriah Nesbitt’s Testimony

Fall Testimony Series 2023 8: Moriah Nesbitt’s Testimony

Fall Testimony Series Day 8 – Moriah Nesbitt’s Testimony

I was blessed to be born into a Christian family. This gave me the opportunity to go to church from a young age and hear the good news of salvation. Although I was born into a good Christian family, this did not guarantee that I would be in heaven because of my upbringing or even guarantee that I would live a ‘religious’ life.

From a young age, I understood that I was a sinner (Romans 3:23, the Bible). The Bible was opened in every service and I heard messages about my soul, who I was before God, and Jesus’ death on the cross. I learned from the Bible that although I hadn’t committed sins that society would consider major offenses, my sins had offended a holy God, and because my sin needed to be punished, I was going to hell (Romans 6:23).

From the age of four, I began asking my parents about salvation. As time went on, I wanted to understand how to fix my relationship with God and I wrestled with finding a sense of purpose—why was I created? I feared death and coming face to face with the God I had

offended. I knew my sin had damaged my relationship with Him and I could not fix it on my own. I needed to be rescued, or saved, so that I could be in heaven with God.

Whenever I was at church and listening to preaching about salvation (God’s rescue plan), I was always listening for the verb. The preacher would talk about sin and hell, and I would wait for the part where he would say, “But Jesus died for you and all you have to do is believe or trust in Him [Jesus].” I would spin the verb (believe or trust) around in my mind over and over again, hoping to finally wrap my brain around it and be saved like my parents were. I knew that Jesus had come many years ago to die on the cross for sin, but I thought that maybe I didn’t believe enough or have enough faith.

One night at the age of seven I was particularly fearful. I was lying wide-eyed, tucked under my flower quilt, concerned about my sin and where it was taking me. My mom came up to my room and read Isaiah chapter 53 to me. As she was reading verse five, “and by His wounds we are healed,” I realized I was so worried about a verb and what to do—and it was ALREADY DONE! Jesus suffered and died on the cross for my sins, and because of His suffering and sacrifice, I am forgiven.

I was busy trying to ‘get saved’ and completely missing the fact that God had already graciously provided a sacrifice for my sin through His son, Jesus (Isaiah 53:6).

That night two truths came together in my mind simultaneously: My sin deserved to be punished, but Jesus loved me and died for me. I had offended God so deeply that I deserved hell, but He loved me beyond my wildest imagination and had sent Jesus to planet Earth to live a perfect life and sacrifice His life on my behalf (1 John 1:7). It was that night I received God’s free gift of salvation.

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