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Fighting Hard and Fighting Fair Day 5- Fighting for Your Family

“Submitting to one another out of reverence for Christ.” (Ephesians 5:21, ESV)

One of the reasons to fight for your marriage (aside from honoring your vows before your Heavenly Father) is for the sake of your kids. While people often say the kids will be better off, statistics don’t support that argument. In fact, here are some of the consequences kids may experience from being in a broken home:

Difficulties in school
Early engagement in sexual activity
Fear of the future
Fear of abandonment

This list was not gathered from a Christian study, but rather is a collection of difficulties that school counselors deal with among children from split families. And as prevalent as divorce is, we have a lot of hurting kids these days.

While you may still argue that your children will be better off, would you be willing to do some tough work to assure them of the best foundation possible, with both of their parents committed to one another and seeking to do all that is possible to make their home a safe haven for them? Can you lay aside excuses and do the hard work of making your marriage a priority? The healthiest situation for them is a healthy marriage between their mom and dad. And with God’s help and a heart that desires to please Him, it’s possible!

If you’re asking these kinds of questions regarding your own family, you’re likely in a very challenging position. Our prayer today is that you’ll seek out godly help. Remove any relationships that stand in the way of honoring your marriage and family. Consider your part in the brokenness and be willing to work on yourself.

God cares so deeply for you and your marriage. He cares about your family and wants the best for you. Sometimes, we forget that He’s for us and we wonder why He’s allowed us to experience pain and a loss of joy. When we draw close to Him, we will find the help, strength and courage for the hard work ahead. We’ll find wisdom in the pages of His Word that will guide us and show us the way forward. It is difficult, but not impossible. I know well, because I’ve been there.

Let us close today with this prayer:

“Heavenly Father, open my heart to any areas that need change. Show me from Your Word the desires You have for me. Help me to be willing to do what best honors You and lifts up my family. Give me the courage and strength to be obedient and make changes in areas that aren’t for the good of my marriage and family. I thank You, Lord, for loving me and caring for not only me but also my marriage and family. Help me to remember the gift they are to me today. Amen!”

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