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Fret Not 4: God Is in Control

Fret Not Day 4 – God Is in Control

“And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life?” (Matthew 6:27)

I think you and I both know the obvious answer to this question: None of us. Not a single one of us can add any amount of time to our life by worrying. In fact, many studies and statistics have proven that worry and anxiety do just the opposite: they strip the hours from us and shorten our lifespan. However, I think Jesus’ main point here wasn’t necessarily to address a potentially longer lifespan, but to address how we worry too much over the things we can’t control and the things we don’t need to control. 

Knowing our natural tendencies, and not desiring that any of us exist in a state of anxiety, our dear Lord gives the command, “Do not be anxious” (6:25). But this is so much more than a command; it’s a beautiful invitation to find peace and rest in the arms of our loving Father, the One who is in complete control and promises to never fail in providing whatever it is we genuinely need. Jesus’ love-filled words aren’t condemning the prudent care that is required to oversee the needs of life. He is simply cautioning us against the over-anxious care of them that so easily entangles us, the anxious care that distracts and disquiets us, the anxious care that arises from the lack of faith in the provision and providence of God. 

This world is such a capricious and unpredictable place to live in, though, right? Yet, worry and fear and anxious toil amidst its instability changes nothing. We know that. These occupations and future fears only crowd out the faith that God wants us to place in Him and His ability to care for all that concerns us. He wants us to seek space in our mind and rest in Him so we can seek first His kingdom, allowing Him to add “all these things” to us (Matt. 6:33).

Dear friends, if you are currently caught in the stronghold of worry and your earthly, anxious toil is gripping you, or your worries are so weighty you feel like you might be crushed under their load, I suggest that you do as Peter encourages us: “Cast all your anxieties on Him” (I Peter 5:7). Throw them at Him—He can handle every one of your cares. They are not meant for you to carry alone. Hand them over through prayer, and with thanksgiving trust them and their outcomes to the One who cares for you more than you know, who knows your every need and distress better than you do. Let Him liberate you, giving you peace and rest in Him today!

Be blessed today, dear friends!

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