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Grieving our Losses 14- Sunday Selah, A Psalm of Praise

Grieving Our Losses
Day 14- Sunday Selah, A Psalm of Praise
Wendi Colaiuta

Paul and Silas—beaten and bloody, chained in a dungeon, singing praises in the dark of night.
Jonah—waterlogged and hopeless, humbled and doomed, worshiping God from the depths of a fish.
Job—bereft of everyone and everything he held dear, clinging to the last breath of earthly life, confidently proclaiming, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him!”
Hannah and Mary—one woman grieving a long-empty womb, and the other carrying with joy the Promise fulfilled but also bearing the onslaught of hurtful accusations and a nearly cancelled wedding, both lifting their hearts to magnify the Lord.

How does this happen? What reality carries our souls beyond the unthinkable challenges and losses we face to a place of worship-filled praise? What brings a song from our lips in the thickest darkness? What depth of beauty from ashes do those songs convey?

As those anthems swell, is there any better way we can touch the heart of God? From the depths of our own sorrow, we have this unique opportunity to honor Him with our sacrifices of praise.

When in an earthly sense we feel drained, empty, holding nothing, we confidently proclaim that He is still everything. When we are lost in the swirl of grief, overwhelmed and drowning, we find a moment of stable clarity, a solid place to stand on the unchanging reality of who God is, and our voice grows stronger as we lift high the name of the Lord with conviction.

We may still wrestle with hard questions; we may still grieve. But what a gift we receive in return when we acknowledge He is still God. He is still on the throne. He is still righteous and holy and worthy of our worship. He is still good. His purposes are still exact and with an eternal focus. He is worthy of our trust and our praise! When we choose to lift our gaze from our loss to His glory, we honor the Lord.

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