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Growing in Christ 6: It’s My Move

Growing in Christ Day 6: It’s My Move

Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you. (James 4:8, ESV)

The ball was in her court now. I felt like I had said and done everything I could up to that point to make it fairly clear that I was interested in more than just friendship. I had drawn as close to her as I could, and now the ball was in her court. I didn’t intend to move away, so it was her choice now to draw closer to me. It’s the type of situation many of us have faced in our dating past. Thankfully, for me, the story is still being written, as she chose to draw closer to me. 

As we think about our relationship with Jesus, the ball is surely in our court. What more can He do other than what He has already done? He gave His life for us, shedding His blood and dying for our sins. He has saved us from an empty life. He has saved us from a lost eternity away from Him. He has given us eternal life and a certain home in Heaven. He has sent the Holy Spirit to dwell within us so we will never be alone. He has poured so much into the relationship and has called us His friends. That leaves it in our hands to make the conscious choice to draw closer to Him. He wants our relationship to grow, but we must do our part. He is our Master and we are His servants. But at the same time, He is our Friend, our Confidant, and our Advocate with the Father. He loves it when we pray and absorb His words to us. His great desire for us is that we would know Him better and draw closer to Him.

And so, again, the ball is in our court. Will I follow Him? Will I obey Him? Will I serve Him? Will I grow closer to Him? The choice is mine, and it’s a choice that should be easier than I often make it. He is worth more than the wealth of the world a million times over. It’s about time I started living like I believe it.

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