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Held and Beloved 7

A Brief Look Inside the Book

Held and Beloved Day 7

Have these Held and Beloved  stories impacted your heart? Helped you recognize the miraculous parts of your own story? Encouraged you to notice the hand of God moving and working in your life? Sharpened your vision to trace His handiwork and His eternal purposes that are always moving forward? Have these stories won your heart to value the beauties of the One who loves you more than any other, knowing you hold a unique and precious place in His plan? 

Let these stories ignite a passion in you to tell your own story of being Held and Beloved  by Him!

How has the Lord Jesus made Himself real to you? Done the impossible in your physical body? Met you in a dark place and declared you free of condemnation? Reassured you that no brokenness in your story deters His plan for you or disqualifies you from being chosen for that special part only you can play in His purposes?

How has God provided for you in ways that display His limitlessness? Shown you that in His plan, there is no dead end, and it is never too late?

When has the Lord knowingly called you into a storm? How did He meet you in the middle of the raging seas? What surprisingly precious discoveries about His heart did you make on that frightening journey? How did His strength or His truth empower you to step out with courage?

Has there been a time when you felt He simply came close to hold you and let you grieve? To weep with you? How did your heart respond to His comfort? To what fresh path did He point as you bravely stepped forward from that place of sorrow?

How have you heard the Lord’s voice, clearly and unmistakably speaking to your heart? What impact has one-on-one dialogue with the Savior had on your healing, growth, or vision of the future?

What has the Lord called you to surrender? How has He won your trust, your heart? What has drawn you to join others who declare that He is precious?

What story has He given you to tell, in your own way? To bear witness of the reality of God in your life? Why not pause (right now!) to ask the Lord how you can share your experience.

It may be as simple as a one-on-one conversation with a friend, a family member, a neighbor, or even a stranger in the grocery store. Maybe it’s time for you to be vulnerable and open up in a small group. Or speak your testimony to a larger gathering. Maybe you will find new courage to share your experience through social media, to put the highlight reel on hold to get real and share the deeper parts of your heart. Or allow your love for the Lord to inspire something creative that expresses what means most to you. Trust that the One who created you and won your heart will be faithful to show you how to tell your own story about Jesus. To give others a glimpse of His glory!

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