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How Creation Reveals the Creator 6: Weekly Review

How Creation Reveals the Creator Day 6 – Weekly Review

As we begin a new year, we have the opportunity to grow in our knowledge of the world around us but more importantly, to grow in our knowledge of God who rules over it. Our close study of the Word of God and of the works of His creation will draw us into deeper worship if we allow ourselves time to reflect and wonder.

In creation, we see:

  • The eternal nature of God who lives outside of time and space,
  • The incredible power of God who can do what no

one else can do,

  • The ultimate authority of God who designs everything and everyone for a purpose, and provides the method and the means for them to carry it out,
  • The true trustworthiness of God who proves His honesty and faithfulness with constant truth-telling and promise-keeping, and
  • The beautiful creativity of God who designs breathtaking art even our most skilled artists cannot replicate.

Sometimes, in our rush to understand concepts and assess data, we forget to close our eyes and just wonder at the vastness of the universe God has made. We forget to pause and remember just how big He is and how small we are. May we never take for granted our privilege to take part in the grand story of God’s created order and to point others back to their Creator for grace and new life.

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