You are currently viewing Humility—The Posture of Jesus Day 2: Serving at Home

Humility—The Posture of Jesus Day 2: Serving at Home

Humility—The Posture of Jesus Day 2 – Serving at Home

“I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship.” (Romans 12:1, ESV)

“As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace.” (1 Peter 4:10, ESV)

If we want to raise humble and kind children, we will need to practice humility and kindness in our homes. We cannot expect our world in which pride is embraced to instill humility and grace in our children; it simply won’t happen. And so the home is where we train our children and begin the process of developing in them an attitude of humility.

In a self-indulgent and entitled culture, it’s hard to remain humble,  let alone model it in front of our children. Success and ambition are applauded far more than service and humility. The mindset of modern-day America is to serve ourselves first rather than serve others first. It’s a constant battle but we must refuse to allow ourselves to adopt the attitude of the world around us.

So what does service in the home look like? For a husband and father, it’s working hard to provide for the family while not neglecting their need of his being present and engaged. It’s looking to the interests of his wife ahead of his own, and treating her with consideration and respect. It’s being tired, yet putting in the work of making the home a functional space where there’s order and where Christ is consistently put first. The comfort and safety of his family comes ahead of his own, and he serves the Lord with joy. He does not overcommit, and finds ways to invest spiritually in his family as their leader.

For the wife and mother, she honors and respects her husband, and doesn’t try to take the position of leadership from him, which would dishonor the model found in Scripture. She attends to the needs of her family ahead of her own, and nurtures the home with loving care and quiet, consistent grace. She is a solid support for her husband and looks for ways to be a help to him in their home. She speaks well of him to family, friends, and especially their own children. She invests in the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the children, and looks to enrich her husband in those areas as well. 

As children observe these behaviors in their parents, they will see the value in them and are more apt to behave similarly. They will learn the benefits of humility and see how pride can destroy our lives. If Jesus washed the dusty, dirty feet of His disciples to teach us the posture of servitude, how better for us to display humility than to start washing the feet of our own family? When we take the posture of humility in our own homes, that home is a better place for it. May we be willing to serve our family, and as we do so, raise up children with a heart for service to the Lord and His people.

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