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In Case You Missed It 2: Adoption—A Father’s Perspective

In Case You Missed It Day 2: “Adoption—A Father’s Perspective” by Daniel Petterson

            ‘The Match

This is a feel-good study about adoption—it feels good because the ending is good. For many, though, this choice comes at personal cost—the cost of relinquishing the dream of having your own child. But I love how Daniel and his wife Cindy chose this child, and how God led them to their “meant-to-be” daughter far on the other side of the world. Here’s the link to the whole study

You did not choose Me, but I chose you.” (John 15:16, ESV)

“We had been alerted that getting our match was a possibility before a break at Christmas time would hit. But we tried not to get our hopes up.”

“The match was sent on Wednesday, December 21. If we could effectively keep a lid on things, our families were all going to get a huge surprise for Christmas.”

“Cindy and I walked upstairs and opened the email that would change the rest of our lives. The subject told us her Chinese name (Ya Yu Chang). Opening the email really tested our patience, as the wretched, slow-as-frozen-molasses DSL service decided to take its sweet time loading the attachments. One of the attachments was the one we wanted, and for the very first time, we laid our eyes on our soon-to-be daughter. And boy, was she cute!”

“The whole matching process is difficult to come to grips with, but it definitely reminded me of the verse quoted above in John 15. Even when I, a sinner, and we, a fallen creation, despised and rejected Jesus, He still chose us. I didn’t choose Him, but He chose me.”

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