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In Case You Missed It Series 2 Day 3: Marriage Matters

In Case You Missed It Series 2 Day 3: “Marriage Matters” by Ashley Waliczek

This is an excellent study for all couples. Ashley uses examples of couples from the Bible to teach us about important aspects of every marriage. In this study, we will take a look at five Old Testament couples who have important lessons to teach us about God’s design for healthy marriages. We will learn that building a solid marriage relationship is much more about developing our character than it is about controlling our circumstances. From the lives of David and Abigail, Hosea and Gomer, Adam and Eve, Jacob and Rachel, and Boaz and Ruth, we see our need to remember what matters in marriage. 

(David and Abigail) “Whether we are currently seeking a potential spouse or have been married for years, we need to remember that character matters. We should ask the Lord to shape us and shape our spouses into people of integrity, humility, and courage. We should long for God to transform us into people who radiantly display the fruit of the Spirit in our lives.”

(Hosea and Gomer) “If we are to love the way God loves us, in the covenant of marriage which He designed, we must remain constant in our love for our spouses. When they fail to live up to our expectations (which they will) or disregard their marriage vows in frustrating or even tragic ways, we are responsible for showing love to them constantly. Sometimes that love will have to be tough love, but no matter what, a marriage that honors the Lord must involve an immovable commitment to act for our spouse’s ultimate good despite the personal cost.”

(Adam and Eve) “Married couples get to share in the most difficult and the most joyful moments of their lives. They grieve losses together, they celebrate achievements together, they welcome and raise children together, they make their homes together, and they live out the Great Commission together. They spend their days talking with one another, making decisions together, and nurturing one another in practical and spiritual ways. They laugh together and play together and learn new things together. Deep, long-term companionship is the one factor of a good marriage that absolutely no other relationship can offer.”

(Jacob and Rachel) “Marriages are built on the vows we say to each other at our weddings—vows that promise we will hold on to each other in sickness and in health, in wealth and in poverty, forsaking everyone else, as long as we live. Sometimes, the further into the past our wedding day fades, the easier it becomes to forget that nothing about a commitment like that is easy or casual. Hanging on to each other through every circumstance life throws our way is an incredible challenge. However, full commitment with nothing held back is God’s modus operandi and it needs to be ours too.”

(Boaz and Ruth) “Because God knows exactly what He is doing, He makes us different from each other. In no relationship are our vast differences more visible than in the intimacy of marriage. This creates a wonderful opportunity, though! We get to see the world through the eyes of someone with a different background, family, skillset, and personality than we have. We get to learn how to love this person that God chose for us in a million different ways as we share a life together. We get to refine each other’s rough edges and spur each other toward godliness as we live out the teachings of Christ in our homes.”

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