You are currently viewing In Case You Missed It Series 2 Day 4: What Do You Want To Be?

In Case You Missed It Series 2 Day 4: What Do You Want To Be?

In Case You Missed It Series 2 Day 4: “What Do You Want To Be?” by Maddie McDonald

This study hits on various attributes we should strive for. Why? Because they will link our identity to Christ. While there are many things we may wish to be, being like Jesus should be our chief aim. 

(Be an Encourager) “Learning to be an encourager, however, must be intentional; it doesn’t just happen unless you put in the effort. You may think of uplifting words or something complimentary toward someone, but it’s useless unless you share it with them. You may look at someone and think they aren’t the kind of person that ‘needs’ encouragement, but if we’re honest with ourselves, we all do. Encouraging and uplifting speech to those around us will also deepen our relationships with them. It’s difficult to be unified with someone who always criticizes those around them and puts them down. Unity can be found where the Lord’s people are genuinely cheering each other on.”

(Be Generous) “In our current culture that glorifies being busy, being generous with our time is very meaningful. Taking time out of our day to call someone on the phone or even stop by with some coffee just to talk can totally change their day, especially someone who is widowed and may be feeling lonely. What if we went and spent an afternoon with them just to visit and talk? I often feel like I rush from one thing to the next, but I should be more present as Christ was when He was here on this earth.”

(Be Aware) “Awareness is focusing on those around us, but a great deal of introspection is also required. We must ask ourselves if we are living and interacting with others in such a way that points them to Christ. If our lives don’t reflect Christ, we’re not going to get too far with pointing others to Christ nor attending to their needs. We won’t have the ability to be aware and available for others if we aren’t in a right standing before the Lord.”

(Be Connected) “When we have so many things going on, it’s easy to just go through the motions, and this can even creep into how we approach church. We check the box by showing up, sitting through the service, talking to some people afterward, and then leaving. Yet that isn’t the design the Lord laid out for the church. Romans 12 reads that we are ‘one body in Christ,’ and as a body we need to interact with each other and be plugged in. Not being fully present affects the whole body,”

(Be Like Christ) “As difficult as it may be to love others like Christ does, it’s not impossible. When we were saved from our sins, He imparted to us His Spirit to help us in this aspect. He’s also given us His Word which we can study and from which we can learn how to love others. Loving others in this way is a lifelong process where we keep on learning how to show this love. When we spend time in His Word and time in His presence, we will learn so much more about Him and we will long to be more like Him.” 

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