You are currently viewing In Case You Missed It Series 2 Day 7: Finding My Way Through New Beginnings

In Case You Missed It Series 2 Day 7: Finding My Way Through New Beginnings

In Case You Missed It Series 2 Day 7: “Social Media and the Believer” by Christina Draper

(The Bright Side of Social Media) “Think about your own experience with social media. How many friends have you been able to reconnect or keep up with through social media? While it is not a complete social interaction with real-time response, facial expressions, and tone, social media is a great way to stay in touch. We simply have to make the choice to be intentional with our interactions with people. Send messages, make comments, and interact with people to remind them that you see them, you remember, and you care even from miles away.”

(The Dark Side of Social Media) “If you’re anything like me, you can pretty easily get sucked into wasting hours on end looking at memes, watching videos, or just scrolling through your feed. You may even feel a sense of shame when the weekly phone usage notification pops up on your phone and you realize just how much of your days were devoted to your social media accounts. Guilty. While using social media isn’t bad in and of itself, it can become an issue when it affects our time with the Lord and His people. Social media is highly addictive, and we have to make an active effort to police the time we spend on it.” 

(Comparison Is the Thief of Joy) “Comparison damages our self-esteem. We hear often that social media and cyber bullying are having long-lasting effects on today’s youth, but the truth is that it’s hurting all of us. You aren’t pretty enough. You don’t make enough money. You don’t have a nice car. You’re not parenting your kids correctly. You don’t have the right political views. On and on the list goes of what we don’t have, and very quickly we can spiral into discontentment and discouragement.” 

(Our Content Tells a Story) “Our content reveals our relationship status. By this I mean that we very quickly can see how healthy our relationships are with friends, family, and partners. Are you contributing to disparaging comments, messages, or posts? When was the last time you had a real conversation outside of a social platform? Have you checked in on your friends in a while? When our content is mostly negative, gossip-centered, and superficial, it shows just how little effort we are putting into our relationships.”

(When to Unplug) “One of the greatest criticisms of my generation and the one after it is that we live our lives connected to our phones. While I think that may be a bit of an overstatement, it’s not entirely inaccurate. How many times have you been sitting with a group of friends and realized that you all just spent the last 30 minutes staring at your phones? It seems ridiculous when you think about it. A real-life social network is sitting right in front of us, but we all choose to escape into a different one on our phones. What are we missing out on when we choose our phones over our presence?” 

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