You are currently viewing Integrity in Hidden Places, Day 12- When we Fail to be People of Integrity

Integrity in Hidden Places, Day 12- When we Fail to be People of Integrity

Day 12- When We Fail to Be People of Integrity
Ruth P McDonald

“So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin.” (James 4:17, ESV)

Integrity takes time to build, but can go up in flames in just a moment. Bad decisions quickly dissolve the hard work of building good character and a solid, godly reputation. That’s why it’s especially important to stay on guard for Satan’s temptations and be prepared to handle them wisely. We know he will attack our integrity, because it will quickly discredit our testimony when we don’t reflect Jesus Christ and the gospel message. So, what do we do when we fail? How we respond in times of failure can lead us along two paths: one to repentance, and one toward selfishness and further waywardness.

The Scripture shared today should give us pause. God has placed within each person an awareness of right and wrong. And for believers, He has given us further help in His Word. Generally speaking, we already know what’s right and what’s wrong; but if we need further clarification, we will find it within the Bible’s pages. So being schooled in the Scriptures is such an important part of our Christian walk. But when we fail to pursue biblical knowledge, we will struggle and stumble in our Christian walk. He’s made truth available to us, and with even just a little effort, we’ll find a treasure trove of practical knowledge for how we are to live as Christ followers.

When our integrity is destroyed, there is still hope, though. Jesus longs for us to acknowledge our sin, turn from it, learn from it, and go on living in victory over it. It may take years to rebuild our integrity, but with consistency in our Christian walk, little by little we will rebuild what was lost. You may say that there are some who will never trust you again or who will never give you another chance. That isn’t your problem—it’s theirs. Between you and the Lord, grace abounds. He forgives. He forgets. And while people may not forget, we cannot let that hold us back in our service to Him.

If you’ve lost your integrity, begin by making the right choices today. Acknowledge your sins and set out on a new path toward obedience to God’s Word. Invest time in studying it and in honest prayer. Ask for wisdom, courage, strength, and discernment in how to move forward. Do not be discouraged with the amount of time it takes to rebuild; instead, focus on honoring Christ and His enjoyment of your obedience. God loves us and wants us to thrive spiritually. He wants us to be known as people of integrity, and with the Spirit’s help, this can once again be your story.

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