You are currently viewing Interactive Devotion for Couples 1: We Love Because He loved

Interactive Devotion for Couples 1: We Love Because He loved

Day 1- We Love Because He loved 

We love because He first loved us. (1 John 4:19, ESV)

This week, we will focus on our marriages. We won’t get into anything really deep—just refresh ourselves on the basics we often brush aside. Most of our romantic relationships are based on mutual love. Love is an incredible gift and something that deeply enriches our lives. I love my husband because he returned that love. If he had never loved me, we wouldn’t have ever married.

But with God it’s different. He chose to love us no matter if we returned that love or refused to. That’s a greater love than we can really understand. The closest thing we can compare to that kind of love within our earthly relationships is a mother’s love for her child. But the fact is that we are only able to love in any capacity because He first loved us. God is love, and without Him love would not exist. 

I can’t imagine a world without love—how lonely, sad and corrupt it would be. One of the basics in marriage to remember is to be thankful for the gift of love your spouse has given you; it’s an incredible gift and one to be treasured. So thank God for the gift of your spouse’s love. It’s an easy thing to take for granted, but without it life feels less colorful and less enjoyable. Because my husband loves me, my life is much richer. His love makes me feel special, treasured, secure and blessed. Alternately, by loving him I am able to give him the same feelings of being cherished, respected, valued, and wanted. We all need love, and because God loves us we can love and receive love from others. Take time today to thank God for loving you, but also thank Him for the gift of the love you enjoy in your marriage and family relationships. We were made to love, and when we love, may we aim to return some of God’s love back to Him—our wonderful, gracious Savior. 

*Each day there will be a few “you and me” questions to discuss together. Take turns sharing your thoughts and talking out these simple basics we often take for granted and overlook. 

You and Me:

What would our world be like without love?

Why does love make life so much better?

How does the love of your spouse brighten your world?

Share a few times when the love of your spouse made you feel special and treasured.

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