You are currently viewing Interactive Devotion for Couples 4: Don’t Stop Holding Hands

Interactive Devotion for Couples 4: Don’t Stop Holding Hands

Interactive Devotion for Couples Day 4: Don’t Stop Holding Hands

Behold, you are beautiful, my beloved, truly delightful. (Song of Solomon 1:16, ESV)

My parents still hold hands—in fact, they always have from my earliest memories. My Dad is 81 at the time of this writing, and my mom is in her late 70s.  It’s one of the memories I will always have of them. Seeing our parents physically show their love is healthy. Knowing my parents still love to touch one another is a gift to us kids and a part of their legacy of love. 

Being active touchers comes easily in the newness of a relationship; in fact, we can hardly get enough of one another. But as we begin to grow accustomed to being together and the years pass by, we often forget to be intentional in our touch. It’s easy to be lazy and not think about it, but easy most often isn’t best—especially in relationships. As women, having our husband grab our hand, kiss our cheek, or put his arm around us in public makes us feel treasured, valued and secure. Men also enjoy being shown affection and attention. 

As stated above, giving affection to our spouse is a gift we not only give one another, but one that we give our children. Kids want to know that their parents are still in love, still enjoying life together, and still connected. If this is something you struggle with in your marriage, it can begin to change today. While it may feel strange or unnatural at first to begin being affectionate together outside of the bedroom, if continued, it can become the most natural thing in the world. My hand fits perfectly inside of his; I like the feeling and I love the way it physically and emotionally connects us. Can you continue the way you are today, thinking your marriage is okay without all that fuss? Sure! But let me ask you this: why would you want to? Go ahead and grab hands. Give a hug! Kiss one another after a day apart. Let the kids see. Displaying your love for one another builds marital security, as well as family security—not to mention, it feels pretty special. 

You and Me: 

Are you satisfied with the amount of affection shown in your marriage outside the bedroom?

If you aren’t, what can you do to change it—and will you?

What legacy of love are you building for your kids or family members to see?

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