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Living Effectively for Christ 16-Sharing God’s Love

Day 16- Sharing God’s Love
Ruth P McDonald

“A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” (John 13:34-35, ESV)

Do you know someone who easily, kindly and confidently shares the love of Christ with others? What’s their secret? So often I wish I had more of that ability myself. But before I give myself a pass, thinking it’s maybe just not as easy for me, I find in Scripture that this is a shared responsibility of all believers. Sharing the love of Jesus should be an honor and a joy for us; we have received so much from Him that telling others should be as natural as telling people about the best deal in town. If there was a giveaway or a sale that was almost too good to be true, wouldn’t we tell the people we know and love? We might even take our news to social media, not wanting anyone to miss out. So why are we less prone to share the best truth out there—that the love of God has changed us and can change others, too, and that it’s opened the door for us to come from spiritual death into the light of life?

When I think of joyful sharers of God’s love and His good news of the gospel, that are a few people that immediately come to mind. They find a way to weave it into conversations and do it in a non-confrontational, loving way. You walk away from those people feeling encouraged and inspired to be more like them. The good news is that if we are still alive, we still have time. We can be more like them if we stop listening to the million reasons Satan brings before our minds to keep us from telling others about Christ. Some of the more common excuses he’s whispered to me are:

-You’ve made mistakes that others remember about you.
-You don’t articulate your thoughts well when your faith is challenged.
-Someone else will do it better than you.

While all of these may have some truth to them, they should not be given opportunity to keep us silent. And when our words fail, we can show the love of Christ in many practical ways, including the following:

-Take a meal to someone who isn’t feeling well.
-Encourage someone who is feeling down or hurt.
-Show compassion to someone in need by offering to shoulder their burden with them.
-Be available.
-Be someone who is characterized by a spirit of grace and mercy.
-Love others and make sure they feel your love by speaking words that affirm and by your actions.

As we close today’s topic, I hope we may all be challenged in our responsibility as Christ followers to share His love with others, kindly and with confidence. The world is hungry for love, but the only love that will ever truly satisfy is God’s love.

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