You are currently viewing Marriage Matters 6: Lessons from Biblical Couples Review

Marriage Matters 6: Lessons from Biblical Couples Review

Marriage Matters: Lessons from Biblical Couples 6
Lessons from Biblical Couples Review

This week, we have taken a look at five Old Testament couples who have important lessons to teach us about God’s design for healthy marriages. We have learned that building a solid marriage relationship is much more about developing our character than it is about controlling our circumstances. From the lives of David and Abigail, Hosea and Gomer, Adam and Eve, Jacob and Rachel, and Boaz and Ruth, we see our need to remember what matters in marriage. 

  • Character matters. Like David and Abigail, we need to notice, encourage, and nurture godly character in our spouses.
  • Constancy matters. As Hosea and Gomer learned, marriage is a lifelong covenant that is to be faithfully honored, even when it costs much more than we planned to give. 
  • Companionship matters. As Adam and Eve demonstrate, God designed men and women from the beginning to be compatible partners and to share in the joys, trials, and tasks of life in a deeper friendship than any other.
  • Commitment matters. Our wedding vows are meant to guide us through the hardest days—to remind us to devote our energies and affections to our spouses until the day we leave this earth, counting whatever costs and fighting for the survival of our marriage despite all obstacles, just like Jacob did for Rachel.
  • Cherishing matters. Boaz and Ruth remind us that our spouses need to know they are honored, loved, and treasured; they will never know that unless we make a conscious habit of telling and showing them every day.

I pray that looking closely at these uniquely difficult and beautiful marriages will inspire in all of us a deeper love for each other and for the Lord who gave us the gift of marriage.

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