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O Come, Let Us Adore Him 23: Worthy of Worship

O Come, Let Us Adore Him – Advent Day 23 – Worthy of Worship

And then it all falls quiet—the last exam turned in, the last meeting adjourned, gifts exchanged with friends over brunch, cookies shared with neighbors over smiles and stories in the middle of the street, festive evenings drawn to a sleepy close. The calendar slows, a hush falls over the house, and all of us come home to rest, to gather around our own table and be still in the beauty of this season.

As much as I love the hustle and bustle, the high energy, and the laughter that undoubtedly ensues, I also crave stillness—especially in this season. Soft Christmas carols on piano playing in the background, lights twinkling from every corner, a cup of something warm and yummy to drink … and stillness.

I savor those quiet moments to listen for the Savior’s voice, sense His nearness, and whisper many “thank You’s” for the abundant blessings He bestows! It is always the right choice to press pause so I can linger over His Word and make fresh discoveries—just me with Him.

I have a treasured note in my journal from the Choice Gleanings calendar, December 2019:

“My meditation of Him shall be sweet” (Psalm 104:34).

“Our initial thought might be the determination to create a sweet meditation. But the psalmist anticipates that the Object of his meditation would yield only sweetness. No matter our meditation of the altogether lovely One, a fragrance like no other fills the heart and ascends to the very presence of God. We determine to meditate; He alone delivers the fragrance”  (D.J. Reed).

“To all our prayers and praises, Christ adds His sweet perfume,

And love the censer raises, these odors to consume” (Mary R. Peters).

It always staggers me to realize I have the ability to delight the Savior, to touch the Father’s heart with sweet thoughts of His dear Son. It is so good to be reminded that delighting in Him lifts a fragrance to the Father that also alters the atmosphere of my own home and possibly the hearts of all who gather there!

May this not only be a tender moment on each Lord’s Day as we gather to remember Him, or the tenor of this whole season as we rejoice in His coming, but in any given moment may we still the swirl, linger over thoughts of the Lord Jesus, and lift those thoughts in grateful worship. For He alone is worthy!

“Worthy of homage and of praise, Worthy by all to be adored;
Exhaustless theme of heavenly lays! Thou, Thou art worthy, Jesus, Lord!”

(Fanny T. Wigram, 1831-1871)

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