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Peace on Earth 1: Introduction to Advent

Peace on Earth Day 1 – Introduction to Advent

“And he will be our peace. . .” (Micah 5:5a, NIV)

It’s my favorite time of year. There’s no denying the warmth, excitement and beauty of the season, and as it approaches, I settle into all of it. Yet, I wrestle with actually feeling peace-filled. Maybe it’s because I set high standards for myself, making the season more about what I see and experience than what’s in my heart. I make it about a beautifully decorated home, lots of Christmas shopping, and the best homemade offerings from my kitchen. But sometimes, my standards are too high and I end up being overly busy and feeling stressed. Can you relate?

And so this year we wanted to remind ourselves that our peace in this season is found in the One we celebrate. His presence with us as Emmanuel—God with us—should settle the frenzy and help regain our perspective as we launch into December. 

While it isn’t wrong to celebrate and enjoy the traditions and festivities the season offers, it’s all hopeless without setting our eyes on our true King, the Messiah whose birth we celebrate. And so I’m challenging myself, as well as you, to spend time each day in reflection of Him and the peace we enjoy as His children. When we are redeemed, our eternity is secure, our sins are washed away, and our hope is fulfilled in Him. Not only did He come, but He died, rose from the grave, and ascended to heaven, and He is preparing a place for us this very day! If that doesn’t bring peace, nothing can!

As we spend the next few weeks thinking about peace, we have shortened our readings in hopes that we can just spend a moment or two praying for peace as we prepare for our day. I challenge us all to open His Word and read. These daily habits will help us find the peace our souls crave, and help put the true meaning of Christmas into perspective so that we might celebrate appropriately. We hope you’ll join us!

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