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Peace on Earth 12: Gentle Shepherd

Peace on Earth Day 12 – Gentle Shepherd

“The LORD is my shepherd, I lack nothing.” (Psalm 23:1, NIV)

I cannot think of a passage of Scripture more peaceful than the 23rd Psalm. The opening verses offer a sense of safety, a soothing calmness, and tender care. If life gets a little frenzied, chaotic, or even painful, I often go to the words of these six verses penned by David for comfort. Their gentle, familiar rhythm truly brings me peace.

We may not naturally think of inserting the 23rd Psalm into an Advent study, but when peace is hard to come by, these words can soothe and center us. The holiday season is one that can leave us feeling uptight and rushed. There are so many extra events to add to our social calendars and they leave little room for true relaxation and family time. After a few weeks of an amped up social calendar, I tend to become snippy and impatient. 

While reading and appreciating the 23rd Psalm won’t lighten up the load on our social calendars, it can bring us into proper focus. Instead of feeling intense pressure with our to-do lists, we can take a moment to sit and reflect on these simple yet beautiful truths:

He is our Shepherd
We truly lack nothing (if we have Him)
He refreshes our soul
He leads us
He comforts us
He stays with us
He protects us
We will be with Him forever and ever!

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