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Peace on Earth 14: Learning to Slow Down

Peace on Earth Day 14 – Learning to Slow Down

“Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him; fret not yourself.” (Psalm 37:7a, ESV)

Our company was set to arrive in just a few minutes, but I could feel the tension I had created in our home. My family was understandably avoiding me. I was stressed, which meant I was being snippy. I am my own worst critic and when I feel things are going sideways, I get irritable. 

I set expectations that aren’t necessary. I like beautiful food and a beautiful table, but what really matters most is a warm home with joyful hosts. Sometimes I need that reminder, and the faster my pace to get things in order, the more I need to take a breather and slow down. I need to remember that people care far more about meaningful conversation and a welcoming atmosphere than they do about all the rest. 

And so, as we are full-swing into the holiday season by now, maybe you need the reminder (like me) to slow down and just enjoy the time at hand. If it doesn’t get done perfectly, does it really matter in the end? And isn’t patience something God wants us to learn? Living at a frenzied pace won’t allow us to reflect on the real celebration of the season—the gift of God’s Son, Jesus! 

I can be guilty of trying to make December about traditions and showing up at as many events as I possibly can, but that’s not it at all. Instead, learning to slow down (which sometimes means declining invitations) and focusing on Jesus and the blessings He has given us are exactly what we need to develop an atmosphere of peace. When we slow down, we will naturally be more relaxed, kind and filled with joy—all good things!

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