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Peace on Earth 26: Reflections

Peace on Earth Day 26 – Reflections

The presents are all unwrapped and the big day is behind us, and while that can be a bit of a letdown, our reason for celebrating continues. Our Savior, born long ago in Bethlehem, still saves. He still longs to dwell with us and be our ever-present Immanuel. Really, Christmas is just a reminder of the One we hold dear all year long.

While at Christmas we celebrate the birth of Jesus and His coming to earth, we would never want to stop the story there. No, His coming was for a reason far greater than just to dwell among mankind. The real reason He came is that each of us needs a Savior. He became our Savior on the cross; and when He rose again from the dead he conquered death. The story of His birth is wonderful and mysterious and oh so precious, but it only grows from there. 

This year, as we tuck away our gifts, pack up the ornaments, and return to normal life, may the wonder of our Savior accompany us through each day, offering us hope and giving us true, lasting peace. May we remember the richness of His story—His full story—and how it continues to unfold in each of our lives. As Christ followers, there is always something to celebrate—our eternal Hope—Jesus!

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