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Peace on Earth 29: Prince of Peace

Peace on Earth Day 29 – Prince of Peace

We’ve been focusing on the word peace for our December Advent series. When we think of peace, we may immediately think of our King—Jesus! 

Yet people puzzled at this title, Prince of Peace, because they expected something different from the Messiah—they longed for something different.

I enjoyed this excerpt from

“The name ‘Peaceful Prince’ helps to explain why Jesus disappointed His countrymen when He came. They did not want a peaceful prince. They wanted a monarch who would annihilate their foes and reestablish the glory Israel knew in the golden days of Solomon. They wanted Rome and all their other oppressors taken away.”

The assumption was that the Messiah would come to deliver them from their oppressors and set up an earthly kingdom of peace, yet that was not the case. He would not overthrow the enemies of His people and give them victory. At that time there would be no peace treaties signed by Him or earthly kingdoms set up with Him on a throne. In Matthew 10:34, Jesus made this statement, further troubling those who heard it: “Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not come to bring peace, but a sword.”

Why, then, do we attribute the word peace to the Christ? If He didn’t come to establish peace on earth, then why would we call Him the Prince of Peace? His peace ironically surrounds the brutality of the cross and the sacrifice He made there for sinners. His peace is the peace we inherit when we become children of God through faith in Christ. The day will come when there will be peace on earth, with Christ seated on an earthly throne, but for now, this is a spiritual peace that Christ gives us. 

This peace we’ve been discussing is only possible through the Prince of Peace, the One who died so that we might have His peace. We pray that each reader would know and enjoy this peace, and that each one who has inherited it may be reminded of the great blessing it is to us.

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