You are currently viewing Personal Evangelism 6: Strategies to Build Confidence: Part 1

Personal Evangelism 6: Strategies to Build Confidence: Part 1

Personal Evangelism Day 6: Strategies to Build Confidence: Part 1

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your father who is in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16) ‬‬‬

If you want to be great at anything in life, what is one of the most important things you need? Confidence. When someone is motivated and confident, it’s amazing what they can accomplish in life. But how does one build confidence? There are many ways but having a good game plan is key. Evangelism can be intimidating to most people. They get nervous because they don’t know what to do or say. They pray for doors to be open, but they don’t know what steps then to take. We are going to explore various strategies over these next two articles that will help build a believer’s confidence to tell others about Jesus Christ.  

Maintain a Strong Testimony 

“Let your light SHINE” is the command from our Lord Jesus. He doesn’t want us to hide our light but to shine it for all to see. Have you ever been in complete darkness and then had someone shine a light? It’s impossible not to see it. When we look at our world today, we can’t help but notice that it’s growing darker every day. If we are truly seeking to live by God’s Word, it’s impossible for us not to stand out in this world.  

When we keep a strong testimony intact, God will naturally use it to open doors. The world is not accustomed to seeing behaviors which are seen in Christians seeking to obey God’s Word. It’s unnatural; it goes against the grain. As we interact with those around us, we will create a natural curiosity. Let’s just look at the example of speech. Sadly, profanity has become so common in people’s everyday talk. Whether we are at work, in our neighborhoods, restaurants, or any other public place, we constantly hear people using profanity. So it doesn’t take long for people to notice someone who doesn’t swear. I can’t tell you how many doors this one aspect of my life has opened to tell someone that I’m a Christian.  

When we claim to be a Christian—a follower of Christ—people are going to hold us to a higher standard. They will watch our every move. We never want to give people a reason to reject Christianity; we should be a walking advertisement for it. We want them to see the change in our lives and have a desire for that themselves.  

I don’t write those words lightly. It’s not easy for a Christian to maintain such a testimony in a dark world. We need to evaluate ourselves very carefully to make sure there are no aspects of our life that are “dimming” our light. When we are seeking to follow God’s Word, our light will naturally shine brightly and people will “see our good works and give glory to our father who is in heaven.”

Chat About Your Faith 

So often when we think about telling others of Christ, we build it up so much in our heads, creating so much nervousness, that it prevents us from doing anything at all. However, let’s look back at our verse. Jesus simply says, “Let your light shine before others.” One of the easiest ways I have found is to simply chat about my faith; if Jesus is truly a part of everything I do, then it should only be natural that He comes up in daily conversation. Let’s look at a few examples.  

You walk into work on Monday morning and your coworkers ask, “What did you do this weekend?” You respond, “Actually, we went to church on Sunday morning and I heard a great message on the importance of having faith in God through trials. I really enjoyed it.” You don’t have to be long-winded in your response. Just give an honest answer and leave it at that. Let’s look at another example. 

Someone asks you, “How are the kids?” You respond, “They are great! It’s amazing how fast they are growing up. I was putting them to bed last night and my oldest started praying. I couldn’t believe how thoughtful his prayer was as he thanked God for the things he had in his life and prayed God would help some of the people who were hurting.” 

These types of conversations do not come across as “having an agenda” but are simply about giving an honest answer to a question we’ve been asked. So often we miss these opportunities and try to “hide Jesus.” Why not weave Him more into the small conversations we have with the people we interact with every day? Challenge yourself this week to find opportunities to chat about your faith. I think you will be amazed at how many you’ll find! 

If you’re like me, you’ve prayed for God to open up doors for you to share the gospel. Those doors are opened far more frequently when I let my light shine brightly to those around me. So don’t let your light be dim. Let it shine brightly—and watch what God will do!

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