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Praying for Discernment 7: Sunday Selah

Praying for Discernment Day 7: Sunday Selah

Teach me good judgment and knowledge, for I believe in your commandments. (Psalm 119:66, ESV)

As we come before the LORD today in worship, may our hearts be touched with His wisdom and discernment. As His Spirit lives within us, these attributes are available to us if we desire and seek them. But I think one of the most beautiful displays of God’s deep love for us is that, while He is discerning and wise, He chose grace in place of the judgment we deserve for our sin.

God has all the variables and information before Him. He knows everything—every hidden lie, every covered up offense—we can’t hide any of it from Him. Righteous judgment would call for us to be punished, yet He sent His Son to pay the price for our sin. Discernment should lead God to turn His face from us as we continually come before Him with new sin, the stains of Jesus’ blood on our hands and hearts. Yet He washes us clean and forgives us, faithfully lavishing His mercy on us day after day.

As we meet with the LORD today, may our hearts desire His wisdom. May we long for discerning minds. May we meet those in need with love, compassion and mercy. And may we be ever thankful that He chose grace over judgment, placing the judgment we deserve on His Son so that we might be free. Thank You, Father, for Your faithful love—a love greater than our minds could ever comprehend.

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