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Proverbial Thought for the Day 4: God Decides What Is Right

Proverbial Thought for the Day 4 – God Decides What Is Right

Today’s Proverb:

“People may be right in their own eyes, but the LORD examines their heart.” (Proverbs 21:2, NLT)

The Church is going gray. 

What do I mean by that? I mean that many Bible-professing churches are exchanging truth for the social norms of today. It’s happening largely because Christians are giving in to the pressure to conform, and rather than standing up for what the Bible teaches, they are trying instead to appeal to the masses.

Many churches are far more interested in growing their numbers than teaching biblical principles. They want to be the cool place to go—the place that makes room for not just sinners (because every church is made up of sinners) but sin. God decides what is sin, and His standard isn’t subject to change, even when society decides something is now acceptable.

Society is pushing hard against the church, trying to demand we relinquish our rights to gather and worship in the way the Bible teaches. But it isn’t time to cower or cave; it’s time to stand up!

Preaching about sin and hell has never been comfortable. It makes people uncomfortable because it demands a response that requires repentance, confession and submission to God. It doesn’t matter if we think something is okay; we don’t have the luxury of making those decisions—God does. He doesn’t change with the times; His timelessness is something that makes Him completely dependable forever.

So what are we to do when tempted to adopt the mindset of the world? We must look to God’s Word. That is where we find absolute truth, which we are never to compromise. It doesn’t mean that we treat those entrenched in sinful lifestyles with contempt. Rather we should treat them with compassion, just as God chooses to show us compassion. Compassion doesn’t mean acceptance; it simply means we choose to act in love and grace toward those struggling in sin. But we cannot compromise biblical truths in the name of love. To do so is to completely disregard our proverb for the day, as well as many other passages that teach the importance of standing for truth.

God is supreme. He chose what is right and what is wrong long before the foundation of the world was laid. We submit to the truth of His Word, yet we do so with love. He examines our hearts and ways and is pleased when our thoughts and actions mirror His. May we refuse to “go gray” with those who have compromised, and courageously stand for truth. May He find us faithful to His Word until He takes us home.

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