You are currently viewing Proverbial Thought for the Day 6: It’s Our Fault, Not God’s

Proverbial Thought for the Day 6: It’s Our Fault, Not God’s

Proverbial Thought for the Day 6 – It’s Our Fault, Not God’s

Today’s Proverb:

“People ruin their lives by their own foolishness and then are angry at the LORD.” (Proverbs 19:3, NLT)

I’ve seen this proverb played out many times by those angry at God for allowing their lives to be the way they are. We can be obstinate creatures, doing life the way we want to, then become irritated when it isn’t working out well. And then we are audacious enough to think it’s God’s fault and that He has some sort of vendetta against us.

If we are stuck in a cycle that seems unsteady and frustrating, let’s make it a habit to look at the steps that brought us to this place. We can be confident in this: we are responsible for getting ourselves into the mess we’re frustrated with. 

God doesn’t lead us into chaos and instability, but He does sometimes lead us into hard situations meant to steady us in His love and faithful Presence. But for the unbeliever upset with a messy or painful life, God cannot be held responsible since He’s been disregarded all along their journey. Foolish decisions and choices reflect on us, and we pay the price for them.

May each of us be careful not to cast blame on God for things He’s not responsible for. And when hard lessons do come from Him, let us not miss the opportunity to learn what He desires in us. Foolishness leads to pain and disappointment. Faithfulness leads to fulfillment and joy.

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