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Recognizing Modern Idolatry 14: Sunday Selah

Recognizing Modern Idolatry Day 14: Sunday Selah

You shall have no other gods before me. (Exodus 20:3, ESV)

As we’ve looked for the past two weeks at idolatry, our hearts have surely been convicted of the many ways we give other gods a higher place in our lives. Thinking of what was transpiring even as Moses brought this commandment down to the people—the worship of a golden calf, leading him to dash the tablets to pieces in anger—we recognize it’s been an age-old problem. In fact, we can go to the Garden and see how Eve was led away by the promise of knowledge and power.

We may have set out at the beginning of this study thinking idolatry was an issue others have, but we can see how easily our own hearts can be drawn away by the idols we’ve allowed in. Some of them began as a blessing rather than something evil, but when anything is set above God, it becomes a problem for us.

Today, as we go to collectively worship God, we must ask ourselves some questions. How is my heart today? Have I confessed the idols I’ve been serving and made a plan to rid myself of them? Am I coming before God out of habit, allowing strongholds to captivate me as I worship halfheartedly? Or am I truly giving Him the largest portion of my love and service?

Oh, friends, I know how easy it can be to live the Christian life on autopilot—it’s a part of my story too. But I challenge you, as I challenge myself, to offer your life, as small as it may be, as an outpouring of your love for Jesus. Money won’t satisfy us like He will. Sex won’t either. Our family and friends can only fill us so much, and we find that they, too, can let us down. Nothing is worthy of our deepest devotion except Christ. He must be first; nothing or no one else deserves that place. And when we give Him the first part of our hearts, every other sphere benefits. 

As we move forward, our prayer is this: “Dear Father God, may I always place You first—in all things and for all the days of my life. Give me the courage and the willpower to reorder my heart so that You receive the deepest parts of it. Amen.”

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