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Responsibilities of the Church 6: A Song for Saturday

Responsibilities of the Church Day 6 – A Song for Saturday

A Song for the Wayward Heart – “Far Too Good To a Man Like Me” by Zach Williams

(Written by Zach Williams, Jonathan Smith, and Hank Bentley

Released 2022)

I love it when a song stops me in my tracks. I listen to a lot of music, so it happens pretty often for one reason or another. Sometimes, it makes me think of my daughter dancing and I think, “This would be a great solo dance song!” But more often, the lyrics hit a sweet spot. At some point in 2022, as I was taking my morning walk, I listened to the latest album from Zach Williams. After enjoying several standout songs, this one snuck up in the back half and made me hit the repeat button. While I walk and listen passively to music, I also talk to God. As I was thinking about all of the issues going on in my life and getting frustrated, this song was just what I needed. I needed that reminder of how good God has been to me… especially when I complain, grumble, groan, and question… and especially when I fail, sin, and push away from Him. He’s never given up on me, and has absolutely been far too good. As I look at all He has blessed me with—materially, physically, family, friends, and so on—how do I ever forget?

Far Too Good To a Man Like Me

It’s the way that I can’t seem to get it right
Even though I’ve tried a million times
It’s the weight that I can’t carry
It’s the shame that I can’t bury
Like a thorn that’s stuck here in my side

It’s the times You’ve never turned to walk away
Even when I lie right to Your face
It’s the love that keeps on giving
It’s the voice that says “forgiven”
When you know I’ve abused You for Your grace


Why did it take so long for me to notice?
Why did it take so long for me to see?
I took You for granted
But You take me as I am
You’ve been far too good to a man likе me

A love like this is hard to undеrstand
But the proof is in the scars upon Your hands
And I know I don’t deserve it
Heaven knows I try to earn it
But I fail You time and time again


There are parts of me that only You have seen
And I wouldn’t blame You if You tried to leave
But You never asked for perfect
You just told me I was worth it
And my heart is all You want from me

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