You are currently viewing Resurrection and New Life 14: Psalm of Praise: “I Was Loved”by Davy Flowers

Resurrection and New Life 14: Psalm of Praise: “I Was Loved”by Davy Flowers

Resurrection and New Life Day 14 – Psalm of Praise: “I Was Loved” by Davy Flowers

I Was Loved

You’ve been hanging on to me for all my days
I’ve seen your heart, I’ve seen your ways
Right up close and there’s no question
That You’ve been showing up for me at every turn
Never give up, never relent
With the kind of heart that doesn’t waver

You’ve been holding on to me in every way
With every breath I’m breathing in
Brand new mercy every morning
You keep no record of my wrong, You know my frame
You formed this heart in the secret place
All this time you’ve been my portion

And at the end of my life
When they ask why I was different
I will testify with all my might
That I was loved
And Jesus, He has always been enough
And I put my trust in an old rugged cross
That tells me I am loved

When all of this is over
Let it be said I had a better portion
Than all the world affords
When all my days are counted
Let it be known that it was only Jesus
Who made it all worth it, He made it all worth it

When I am with believers on a Sunday morning, remembering Jesus as He requested, it’s quite common for me to think about this song. It’s a valid summation of the life of a Christian in just three words—I was loved. Despite my sin and my failings, I was loved. I was loved enough that Jesus was nailed to the cross for me. As Paul said, He loved me and gave Himself for me (Galatians 2:20). His human body was broken, and He shed real blood. Jesus said that there is no greater love than someone laying down his life for his friend. On the cross, He proved His love for me. He has made all the difference in my life!

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