You are currently viewing Resurrection and New Life 18: Resurrection in My Life: A Testimonial

Resurrection and New Life 18: Resurrection in My Life: A Testimonial

Resurrection and New Life Day 18 – Resurrection in My Life: A Testimonial

On a cold winter morning in January 2018, I was enroute to my home, driving my SUV and lost in thought. Tears clouded my eyes, and in time they began to distort my vision. I distinctly remember intense sorrow coming over me and I was incapable of driving any further down the road. I took a sharp turn into a gravel parking lot and fell absolutely to pieces. In that moment, I felt suffocated by the death of my marriage, and apart from the tender hand of God upon me as I cried out to Him, I simply didn’t know how to move forward or even muster the will to go on. 

On another cold January night in 1982, I crept to the bathroom with my Bible, hoping for a few moments of peace alone. I’d been hearing plenty over the last few weeks about the need we have to be made right with God. It was a pressing need, and what spurred me to do something about it that night was the thought that Jesus could return at any moment, leaving me here without hope. I was unable to find any rest until I made peace with God. Broken and sinful, I needed to be rescued, redeemed, and I longed for God to guide me to understand.

Before resurrection is possible, a death must occur. I’ve experienced both the death of my marriage, and the spiritual death we all face because we are born in sin. Both are painful in a different way, but one is more serious than the other. Spiritual death will separate us forever from God and doom us to an eternity in hell. 

On that cold January night, as an 11-year-old girl, I was spiritually rescued and given new life in Christ. This new life was only possible because Jesus died for my sins. As a young girl, I had tried to conjure up enough belief to feel pardoned, further complicating the process by injecting works into His grace-only gift of salvation. But He simply wanted me to accept that His death was the only payment my sin required to be made right with Him. Could it be that simple? In a word, yes! Reading Acts 16:31, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved,” was my lightbulb moment. New life in Christ—salvation—isn’t complicated at all. He did everything required in order for us to be saved. Prior to that moment, I had been as hopeless and lost as the day I wept by the roadside for my marriage, but when I came to Jesus on His terms, in a moment, He rescued me and made me His child—forever.

On a windy, bright February morning in 2019, I stood across from my husband. Hands joined and hearts tender with renewed love, we exchanged new vows. Our families were present to witness this day and to support us through this next phase of our journey. And I can’t help but think our Redeemer looked on with a tender, bright smile. Oh, how He loves resurrecting what was once dead and breathing new life into brokenness. That’s the work only our Savior can do—bringing life from death and restoring hope and joy. 

I’m forever thankful for the new life Christ has breathed into me and into my life experiences. Maybe you’ve experienced new life too, and are grateful for His blessings upon your own life. But if not, He’s waiting to give you that same new life He’s given me. He longs for you, as long as you have breath, to come to Him and allow His blood to cleanse you from all your sin. He’s made it possible, but you must choose Him. Will you?

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