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Salvation Stories 16-Preston Scotto: Personal Testimony

Salvation Stories
Day 16- Preston Scotto: Personal Testimony
Compiled by Maddie McDonald

My name is Preston Scotto, and I was born and raised in a Christian home in Denver, NC. It truly is such a blessing to be raised in that setting and to be hearing gospel messages at such a young age.

I began to be concerned about my soul when my friend Micah got saved. He was around the same age as me (only slightly older), but I remember being happy for him. I even thought it was “cool” for him to get saved, but I was too busy at the time with my “big” 10-year-old plans. A couple of weeks passed, and then another one of my buddies, Tyson, got saved. We were basically the three amigos, and now I felt like I was missing out on what they had. I started to pay more attention in gospel meetings instead of playing around like usual. I tried to understand the whole “believing” part of salvation—a really simple word, but it had me stumped.

A few weeks later, we went on vacation to Prince Edward Island to visit family. On the seemingly eternal road trip, I kept thinking about how I wanted to be saved. I remember going to church there with my family and hearing my dad preach the gospel. He told his “famous story” (it’s only famous if you go to our church in Denver) about the terrible storm when I was a toddler. The wind was wild that night, and it caused a large tree next to our house to crash through our house and into my bedroom. It fell right above the bed in which I was sound asleep. That story never resonated with me much, but this time I realized that I could’ve entered into eternity that night. I was too young then to realize that when that storm happened, as a toddler I was not old enough to be accountable before God, but it still stirred my soul.

We went back to my aunt and uncle’s house and I lay awake that night trying to figure out this whole “salvation thing.” That kept me up a few nights in a row, but I would eventually fall asleep and then forget about it. On our trip back, my dad accidentally bought the wrong plane tickets so we had to drive down to the US. During the whole drive I was reading my Bible in the back seat, going over verses and trying to believe. I kept getting frustrated and would stop reading my Bible, but then remembering that I still wasn’t saved, I’d pick it up and start reading again.

We were about to stop to eat at Red Robin—I remember the intersection as clear as day. I turned in my Bible to Revelation 20:15: “And if anyone’s name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.” That’s when it clicked for me that my name was not in that book of life, and that thought terrified me. I realized I was on my way to hell, and that I deserved it because of my own sin. But that’s when I also understood that Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins, and that’s why my name can be in the Book of Life. He makes this so clear in His Word, and I understood in that moment all He gave for me, and my name is now in that Book of Life.

If you are searching for salvation today, don’t be like me and get so hung up on the concept of “believing” or “trusting.” I was putting so much effort in what I was doing, but it was a simple understanding of what Christ has already done. Accept Him as your Savior today!

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