You are currently viewing Salvation Stories 5: Kelly Marshall: Personal Testimony

Salvation Stories 5: Kelly Marshall: Personal Testimony

Salvation Stories Day 5 – Kelly Marshall: Personal Testimony

My name is Kelly, and I’d like to share with you how the Lord graciously reached and saved me. When I was just three years old, my parents separated and my Mum and I moved to London, Ontario, where she had a job as an OR nurse.

This was a new city for us and we didn’t really know many people there. However, at her work was a lady who quickly befriended my Mum and made her feel welcome. My Mum was quite lost after the separation from my Dad. She was searching for meaning in her life and this dear woman shared with her that God loved her. She invited us to attend a gospel service, and we decided to go.

After hearing the gospel message a few times, my Mum realized that this was what was missing in her life. Because of her sin, she did not have a right relationship with God. She soon accepted the gift of salvation for herself. This brought about some immediate changes in our life. On Sundays, we now went to worship meeting and I got to go to Sunday School. We also attended prayer meeting and Bible study. All of these opportunities to hear God’s Word faithfully taught made an impact on my young heart and mind. Today, as I look back, I am so thankful for the different ones who faithfully shared the truth of God’s Word with me, making me aware of my sin and my need before God.

When I was eight years old, we had a series of gospel meetings. To be honest, I don’t remember who spoke or a lot of what the preachers said, but I began to have a clear sense of my sinfulness and my need to be made right with God. During this series, my Mum had invited a friend to join us.

On this particular Sunday evening, we were invited to the home of Mrs. Tozer for tea following the service. I was lying on the couch listening to the grown-ups talk, and Mrs. Tozer was telling my Mum’s friend how she got saved. She had been struggling with dreams of hell and the lake of fire and she didn’t want to go there. This was something that up until this point I had not given much thought to at all. Thankfully the Lord made it clear to Mrs. Tozer that He had provided a way for her to be rescued from the consequences of her sin through Jesus’ sacrifice. As I listened to her, it struck me that it really wasn’t complicated. Just like her, I needed to confess my sin and ask God for forgiveness and thank Jesus for dying for me—and that’s just what I did! I knelt down beside the couch right then and there and asked God to forgive my sins and make me His child.

I didn’t experience any unusual sights or feelings, but I knew immediately that something had certainly changed in me. I felt a peace that I had not known before, and knew with confidence that my eternal future was secure. June 28, 1981, became the most important day in my life—the day I was forgiven and added to the family of God.

While I did not have a specific verse on my mind the night I got saved, there are a couple of verses that have become very precious to me since. In times of struggle and when I have doubts, these verses are able to help me:

“Believe on the Lord Jesus and you will be saved.” (Acts 16:31)

“For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 6:23)

Both of these verses make it clear that Who we put our trust in makes all the difference! There was nothing I could do to save myself; it was what Jesus accomplished on the cross that provided redemption for me. If you have not yet had a time in your life when you accepted God’s free gift of salvation, I encourage you to do so today!!

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