You are currently viewing Salvation Stories 8: David Nesbitt: Personal Testimony

Salvation Stories 8: David Nesbitt: Personal Testimony

Salvation Stories Day 8 – David Nesbitt: Personal Testimony

Hi! My name is David. I know my sins are forgiven by God, and I will be in Heaven when my time here on earth is up! And you can be forgiven of all your sins as well. God can do this because He punished His only Son, Jesus, in my place and in yours. Jesus paid for my sins, and His death on the cross is more than enough to pay for your sins as well.

So, how do I know I’m saved from the terrible consequences I deserve because of my own sins? Because I believe God! You see, my parents read the Bible to us as a family and we attended church frequently. From a very young age, I was aware of the evil in my own heart. I knew how to lie, steal, and disobey Mom and Dad on my own—no training required! More than that, I knew God knew every bad thing I had ever done and would ever do. God says that “all have sinned” (Romans 3:23, the Bible). I knew I was a sinner because God cannot lie. In addition, throughout my childhood, I knew I had disobeyed God and done many things that didn’t please Him. So I agreed with God that I was not perfect, that I was a sinner by nature. 

This fact that I was a sinner became even more concerning because I knew God’s home—Heaven—is a place that is perfect and holy, which means there can be no sin there; because God is holy (sinless), there can be no sin in His presence! So how could I ever go to Heaven if I had sins of my own? This deeply bothered me. Mom and Dad talked about God offering to forgive sins, so I remember many nights asking them to explain to me how someone’s sins could be forgiven by God. The sound of their voice explaining this would sometimes rock me to sleep. But I was not yet forgiven of my sins.

When I turned six, our family moved. Our parents are missionaries, and so we moved from the United States where we were born to Mexico. My older sister was eight years old and my younger brother was just a little over one, and this move was a big adjustment for all of us. About two years after moving to Mexico, when I was eight years old, I distinctly remember the events of one night. My dad and another missionary each preached a sermon at our church that night. The visiting missionary talked about the difference between those who are forgiven and those who are not. Based on the Bible, he said that those who are forgiven will go to Heaven and those who are not forgiven will have to suffer the consequences of their own sins in a place called Hell. This is a place of separation from God and everything He is (love, light, joy, peace, forgiveness, etc.)—forever! Since I knew I was not yet forgiven, this shook me to my core.

On the way home from church that night, I was very quiet, thinking about what I had heard. I knew Mom and Dad and my sister were forgiven, yet I was not. When we got home I asked Mom to explain to me how I could be forgiven by God for my own sins. She read this verse (1 John 1:7): “The blood of Jesus Christ, God’s Son, cleanses us from all sin.”  I thought, That’s it! The blood of Jesus can cleanse me of my sins because Jesus died for me! That night I understood for the first time that the blood of Jesus cleansed me of all my sins! I took God at His Word and I trusted that the blood of Jesus was enough to pay for my sins. That is the only way anyone can be forgiven by God. The Bible says in Isaiah 53:6, “The Lord [God] has laid on Him [Jesus] the sins of us all!” My sins are forgiven because Jesus paid my debt and cleansed me of all my sin! Dear friend, He can forgive your sins too, because “the blood of Jesus Christ, God’s Son, cleanses us from all sin.”

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