You are currently viewing Summer 2024 Testimonies 9: Scott Baudier

Summer 2024 Testimonies 9: Scott Baudier

Summer 2024 Testimonies 9: Scott Baudier

“Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life. He does not come into judgment, but has passed from death to life.” (John 5:24 ESV)

My name is Scott Baudier and I was brought up in a Roman Catholic church. We only went to church four times a year: Christmas, Palm Sunday, Ash Wednesday, and Easter. 

As I got older, I tried to go to church by myself but I honestly found it boring. We had a Bible in our house, but it was never opened. I always knew I was a sinner—they told us that in religion class. But our sins were based on different levels related to the seriousness of the offense. Lying was a sin, but it wasn’t as bad as hitting someone. Stealing was bad, but not as bad as killing someone. And the worst sin was taking your own life. If you did that, there was no way you were going to get to heaven according to Catholic belief. But with the “lesser” sins you might still make it into heaven after you died. 

After death, your soul would go into purgatory, and there you would have to explain your sins before God, who would decide if you could make it into heaven. And while you were here on earth you confessed your sins to the priest, who, in turn, would tell you how many “Hail Mary’s” and “Our Father” (these were the prayers for confession) we needed to say to be forgiven.

As I grew up, I embraced the ways of the world. I drank, smoked and took drugs. This was right where Satan wanted me—away from God. This behavior didn’t stop until February 23, 2003, when my first daughter, Mackenzie, was born. That was the day I quit drinking, smoking, and taking drugs; however, I still was in the world, and no closer to God. 

We moved into a trailer in Denver, NC. Little did I know this was God’s plan to start working on me. Sometime in 2008, David McMichael and David Draper Sr. were coming around to pick up kids from the trailer park to take to church and saw us outside. They came up and asked if we would allow Mackenzie to go to the gospel hall a few miles away, to which we agreed. After going a few times, Mackenzie asked me to join her. I told her I would, and I did.

When I went for the first time, I thought everyone was weird. There were no musical instruments, pews, or priest—nothing I was used to. But everyone was so nice, and something was telling me to come back. 

At that time they were having gospel tent meetings and the speaker was Peter Ramsay. He preached about Hell and the Lamb’s Book of Life, a book that held the names of those who were saved. At that time I knew my name was not found written in it. 

My biggest obstacle was that I had to unlearn everything I had learned, because from a child I was taught wrong. I spent hours at night trying to understand salvation. I was getting scared and couldn’t figure out what I was missing.

Another speaker, David Peterson, asked my family to dinner on October 7, 2008. All day at work I was thinking, He is going to ask if I’m saved yet, and my answer is Nope

At the end of the day, I was carrying tile into the house and the board I was walking on broke. I fell on my back, with the tile landing on my chest. While I lay there, I looked to my right and there was a lag bolt sticking out not more than three inches from my temple. My mind raced with the reality that I could easily have been in hell this very day. 

While at David’s that evening, he gave me some verses to read. When I read John 5:24, it was like God picked up that Bible and smacked me in the back of the head. I realized I only needed to believe Jesus died for me. David had to pry the Bible from my hands that night—I was not wanting to let go of the wonderful truth of my Savior that I had found written there!

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