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Songs in the Night 6 — Weekly Thoughts

Songs in the Night Day 6: Weekly Thoughts

Here are some key points from our study this week on Songs in the Night:

As I emerge from my night season, the song God gives me to sing fuels my desire to accurately reflect His heart.

My hard days, the battle grounds where the LORD wins my heart, have taught me to say, “Now I know…”:

   * The LORD is faithful to protect the integrity of His own promises and plans.

   * The LORD is faithful to nurture my faith and lead me where He knows I will grow (in my confidence in Him, my likeness of Him, and my devotion to Him).

When I remember Who He is, my heart responds in humble worship and grateful dependence upon Him to bring me safely through my storm.

When I remember what He’s done, the grace He has extended to me, my heart responds in willing sacrifice to further the cause of Christ.

When I remember what He hasn’t done (in mercy He hasn’t given me what I deserve, He hasn’t abandoned His own), my heart responds in repentance and surrender, as an open channel through which He can extend His mysterious kindness to others.


Heavenly gracious Father, thank You that You are the One who writes and holds all the facets of our stories. You are the One who holds our hearts when we face unexpected turns in our paths. You are no stranger to the heartache we wrestle. You are the One who brings victory and growth from our suffering.

Continue to reveal Your heart to us that we may rightly acknowledge and rightly respond to the greatness of our God. Infuse us with Your Spirit to rightly reflect Your true character. Give us the hunger to know You more and the passion to make You known.

May we never stop asking, “Where is God, my Creator, the One who gives me songs in the night?” Give us whatever courage and convictions are necessary to sing those songs with assurance and joy, for You alone are worthy of our confident hope.

In the Name of Your Son and our Savior, the LORD Jesus Christ. Amen.

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