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Sunday Moments of Worship

By Wendi Stewart Colaiuta 

O, my soul,
pause in this quiet hour
to think upon your Savior’s love
the depths of His gift to you

He went under the water for you
He let the waves of GOD’s wrath
crash over Him
He let the fires of judgment
consume Him
to atone for your sin
to set you free 
from any penalty
always and forever

O, my soul,
let the solemnity of His suffering touch you
the sacrifice willingly offered
for you
know you are also welcomed to rejoice
in the victory won
the righteous Father satisfied
His resurrection power
that brought your Savior from the depths of the grave
to glorious life and a place of eternal honor!

He came out of the water
He came out of the fire
He lives forevermore
for you
the Father delights in His Son
His finished work
His joy realized
He calls you to fix your attention on Him
O, my soul.

This is My Beloved Son in whom is all My delight. (Matthew 3:17, NLT)

This is My dearly loved Son, who brings Me great joy. Listen to Him. (Matthew 17:5)

photo credit: @brandywinevalley on Instagram

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