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Sunday Selah

Sunday Selah

by: Wendi Stewart Colaiuta

Many LORD’s Day mornings, as I take my seat at His table, my hymnbook falls open to the same page. His Spirit uses these words to soften and settle my heart as I step away from the swirl of normal life to fix my gaze on our Beloved Savior.

As you quiet your own heart this morning, what touches you most about the Person of our LORD JESUS?  May I encourage you to simply allow space to delight in Him today? Bring those thoughts to the Father. Oh, how it delights His heart to hear how we delight in His Son!

Amidst us our Beloved stands
and bids us view His pierced hands,
points to His wounded feet and side,
blest emblems of the crucified.

What food luxurious loads the board
when at His table sits the LORD,
the wine how rich, the bread how sweet,
when JESUS deigns the guests to meet.

If now, with eyes defiled and dim,
we see the signs, but see not Him,
O may His love the scales displace 
and bid us see Him face to face.

Thou glorious Bridegroom of our hearts,
Thy present smile a heaven imparts,
O lift the veil if veil there be,
let every saint Thy beauties see.

(Charles Spurgeon, 1866)

This morning, it is so good for my soul to be encouraged again to simply slow the pace and allow space to delight in the Person of our Beloved Savior. How thankful we can be that His personal request and His Spirit prompt us to take this intentional pause each week to remember Him!

What thoughts of the LORD JESUS will you linger over today? How might fresh reminders of His heart for you frame your perspective for a new week? Let us continually encourage one another to stay close to Him daily. May we long to abide, to dwell in His Presence, awed by His Person, steadied by His truth, and wrapped in His love! 

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    Such beautiful thoughts, dear friend <3

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