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The Battles of Raising Today’s Teens 7: Sunday Selah

The Battles of Raising Today’s Teens Day 7: Sunday Selah

And I will be a father to you, and you shall be sons and daughters to me, says the Lord Almighty. (2 Corinthians 6:18, ESV)

As much as we may not like to hear this, we aren’t perfect parents. Not you. Not me. None of us won’t make mistakes. There is only One parent who is perfect—our heavenly Father.

It’s an amazing truth that God not only created us but He craved a personal relationship with us individually—a close relationship as Father to son/daughter. He sent His Son to bridge the gap between us and God so this could be possible. How was this accomplished? His Son went to the cross to pay the price for the sin of all mankind. Because He was willing to do this for us, out of a love greater than we can understand, we have been given the greatest privilege known to humans: we are invited into the family of God!

This family is filled with so many children, with vast differences in each one. While we are here, we will disappoint our Father by failure and sin. But forever our Father remains perfect. How awesome it is to look for a day when Christ will return for us and take us home to heaven. In that place, the family unit will be perfected by His holiness, for in that day, He will make us holy—sin forever removed from us. No more failure. No more mistakes. No more heartaches, worry or pain. 

As we worship Him today, may we recognize the beauty of His perfection. May we give Him the reins of our lives, submitting to His Word and His will for us. And may we thank Him for the many blessings He’s abundantly blessed us with—including our children.

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