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The Beauty of Boundaries 10: Boundaries in Our Homes

The Beauty of Boundaries Day 10 – Boundaries in Our Homes

It was 2pm on a sunny afternoon when the car pulled into our driveway. The car didn’t look like it had received any sort of maintenance in years. Loud and dirty, it rumbled to a stop. While my baby was happily playing with his toys on the floor, I tiptoed to the front window for a better look. The two individuals that got out looked furtively around as they made signals to each other over the hood of the car. Everything in me signaled danger, and I felt my heartrate pick up speed, beating recklessly. 

The men continued toward the door—until they noticed her. She stood up to her full height and stared at them. In a moment, both men scrambled to their car and took off without a second glance. Why? Because our family dog, a large and muscular Doberman, happened to be lying on the front porch napping, but also keeping watch. What they didn’t know was that she would have probably licked them, but I was thankful they didn’t have that piece of information. 

The point is that guarding our homes is important, not just in the way of security, but from subtle influences that seek to harm our marriages and our children. As adults, we are the ones responsible for setting boundaries within our homes, and those boundaries should be aligned with Scripture. 

There are obvious influences that we must filter: television, music, social media, friendships, and other things that have the potential to negatively influence or harm our family unit. But there are plenty of newer issues that are attacking the health of today’s Christian family. These include travel teams, over-committing to social engagements, and parents working excessive hours, resulting in disconnection within the home. The more we agree to, the less available we are in our local church, and the result is not ideal for our families. 

If we want to honor God in our home and family, we must be willing to protect our home and set boundaries. These should align with Scripture and give first priority to God and honoring Him in our families. As more and more families are giving in to the pressures of the world, the family unit as a whole is not the better for it, and this is also impacting the church. Where once Christian families prioritized the church fellowship, there are many who have re-ordered their priorities to suit social pressures of our era. 

As parents, our greatest responsibility is to raise children who know the value of serving and worshiping the one true God. Anything that threatens this needs our attention. We must also do whatever it takes to protect our marriages. There are so many outside influences that seek to harm that union. Marriage is a picture of the relationship between Christ and the Church which is His Body, and Satan would love to see our marriages crumble.

These days are difficult for the Christ follower, but may we be willing to do what’s necessary as we seek to honor Christ in our homes. May we set firm boundaries and be unwilling to compromise. And if we’ve been doing poorly at guarding our homes, may we have the courage and willingness to do better—starting today!

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