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The Beauty of Boundaries 12: Safety Inside

The Beauty of Boundaries Day 12 – Safety Inside

Growing up, I was a real chicken. Some might argue that I still am, but that’s beside the point. I remember feeling that my bedroom was a safe sanctuary. Coming down the stairs into the dark basement, I often took the stairs in a similar fashion as Clark Griswold in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. If you aren’t familiar with the movie, let’s just say his feet were way ahead of his body in speed. 

As soon as I crossed the threshold into the safety of my room, I immediately turned on the light and shut and locked the door. Then, all the craziness of the “in-my-mind” world was shut away, and I could relax. Other than the time my brother hid squatting down around the corner so that my hand brushed a face instead of the expected light switch, I felt safe and relaxed in that space. 

That example of my feeling of safety may be a little simple, but there is comfort when we are in a place with boundaries. When we stay within borders, we are protected from harm; outside influences are kept at bay. 

Boundaries for the believer are a good thing; they are constructed for our preservation. Operating within those boundaries keeps us from spiritual harm and sets us up for success as we honor the Lord in our walk. But we often need reminders that they are for our good, and that restrictions are necessary for our spiritual health and for us to flourish. 

Living on the edge of set boundaries is dangerous for the Christian, and if we aren’t careful, we will so easily fall into temptation and sin with its resulting heartache and pain. God has set parameters that are meant to keep us from all of that, and yet we often aren’t wise enough to understand this truth when the pressures of the world press in. 

But just as a shepherd goes after his wandering sheep, so will Jesus pursue us when we wander outside of the boundaries meant to protect us. He is so gracious to do this for His people when what we deserve most is banishment. How comforting and beautiful it is to know He does not respond in the way we deserve, but instead shows us love, grace and forgiveness. 

As we’ve spent the past weeks looking at boundaries, we pray this study has been a help to you. May each of us be willing to accept the boundaries laid out by our Heavenly Father, embrace the safety of them, and ask for help and wisdom to stay within their parameters. God is a good God and offers us protection and safety from the negative influences of the world. Let us thank Him for this and seek to honor Him with our lives.

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