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The Bold Message of the Gospel 3: The Simplicity of the Gospel

The Bold Message of the Gospel Day 3 – The Simplicity of the Gospel

Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 18:3, ESV)

Salvation isn’t complicated, so why did I struggle to comprehend it for a long time? Two reasons immediately come to mind: first, I tried to interject my own effort as part of “believing” and, second, I overthought the simple message of the gospel. Scripture tells us that entering the kingdom of heaven requires childlike faith, not a long wrestling with theology or years of knowledge acquired through careful study of God’s Word. This childlike faith indicates that the gospel is simple, yes, but it’s also for the simple. What a relief!

When we put our faith in something, we obtain that faith because of a belief we have about it. I believe a parachute is a good choice if I needed to jump from a flying plane. If we were going down and someone handed me a parachute and said, “Hey, put this on and press this release button on the way down,” why would I ever refuse? Without it, I would hit the ground in a life-ending crash. The only part left to me is the decision whether or not to buckle it onto my body. I don’t need to study aerodynamics; I don’t need to be a skilled jumper. All I need in that moment is to know that it will save my life.

We also are in an unprotected condition because of our sin. We are in need of a Savior, and Jesus is the only One who is able to rescue us. His message is a simple one, offering everyone the opportunity to simply come to Him. You don’t have to be a college graduate; you don’t need to go to seminary; you don’t need a high I.Q. You don’t even need to own a Bible or belong to a local church. That’s the beauty of the message: it’s for everyone in any walk of life. We must not overcomplicate it—Jesus said we must come to Him like a child.

The simplicity of this bold message makes sharing it a much easier mission. If it were difficult to understand, had multiple steps to follow, or required a high level of intelligence, many would be disqualified. Praise God, that’s not how the gospel works! By making salvation simple, God opened the door for anyone who hears to have the ability to understand. Its truth doesn’t rest on our ability but on the truth of the gospel itself and the faithfulness of God to do what He promises. 

Do you know someone currently struggling with coming to faith? When we think of the blessings we gain from salvation, we wonder how it can truly be as simple as it is. We may rationalize that it must be more difficult than it sounds or there must be a hidden catch, because good things are never really easy. That’s likely the thought process of the struggler. We are able to assure them that salvation really is as simple as it sounds, and that what’s required has already been completed by Jesus.

The message consists of a few basic truths that we looked at in Day 1 of our study:

  • We are born sinners and are in need of rescue from Someone who is qualified
  • Jesus’ purpose for coming to earth was to “save people from their sins”
  • Jesus died on the cross, paying the price for our sins through His shed blood
  • Jesus was qualified because He was holy and sinless
  • Jesus suffered the punishment that should have been ours
  • Jesus rose from the dead and appeared to many
  • Jesus commissioned His followers to take this message to the world
  • Jesus ascended into heaven and is preparing a home for His people
  • What He accomplished on the cross offers us much-needed rescue from our sin and from hell
  • Salvation is believing in the Lord Jesus, accepting the gospel as His truth

Our prayer is that you would understand that the message of the gospel is not about checking off the boxes, but rather about coming into a relationship with Jesus Christ by accepting His simple and beautiful message of freedom. And for those who have already come to Christ, our prayer is that each of us would have courage and boldness in sharing this simple message with the world. The very destiny of lost souls depends on our faithfulness to continue to carry the message to all the world. May we be found faithful in doing so, and may we see blessing as a result of our faithfulness.

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