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The Gospel Is . . . 7: Sunday Selah

The Gospel Is . . . Day 7 – Sunday Selah

“And he said to them, ‘Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.’” (Mark 16:15, ESV)

As we end this study on the gospel, might it encourage us to move forward with boldness in sharing the best news ever. Fears may hold us back—we’ve likely all felt that. Nothing makes me more nervous than broaching conversations about the gospel with unbelievers. But it’s also such a privilege to do so, even though we may feel fearful or unsure of how it will be received. 

But we really don’t need to feel afraid. The Spirit is with us and will guide our words if we ask Him for help. And the results are truly up to Him; He just asks that we be willing and faithful in spreading the gospel. Who can you share this news with today? Pray for opportunities to have these open and honest conversations with those who may be searching or are still in the dark spiritually. Then trust God to supply the opportunities, and when He does, be prepared by knowing His Word well enough to point them to Scripture. Then, we can confidently leave it with Him. That’s really all He asks of us when it comes to sharing the gospel message. Are you willing?

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