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The Holy Spirit Study 12: Misconceptions of Being Spirit-Filled

The Holy Spirit Today Day 12 – Misconceptions of Being Spirit-Filled

These days, speaking of being Spirit-filled can bring to mind many different ideas. Some churches label themselves with words such as “holiness” or “Spirit-filled.” While all believers are to be both holy and filled with the Spirit, these terms are based on beliefs that are actually contrary to what the Bible teaches us about being Spirit-filled.

There are some that claim to be Spirit-filled by speaking in tongues, faith-healing or jumping or dancing around. It may also include falling backwards or possibly even handling poisonous snakes. The Bible doesn’t teach that these are the identifiers of the Spirit within us today. In the early Church era, tongues were actual languages, and the speaker was given the ability to speak a different language so that all cultures present would hear the gospel and be given the opportunity to be saved. There was always an interpreter who would translate for the one speaking so that the language was understood by all. 

The Bible, God’s Word, is where we find how we can know we possess the Holy Spirit. The Spirit is given to every believer at conversion and remains with us every moment from that day forward. His Spirit will be manifested in us when what we do is for the glory of God and not ourselves. Backing up to our previous devotional on the topic, being filled with the Spirit will include the “fruit” we read about in Galatians 5: 

Love, Joy, Peace, Forbearance (Patience), Kindness, Goodness, 

Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-control.

If we want to be Spirit-filled, we already are if we are saved! But if we want to manifest His Spirit within us, we need to remind ourselves of the list above from Galatians. These are the identifiers of being God’s chosen people—the people in whom His Spirit inhabits. 

It’s wonderful to be filled with the Spirit, but the Spirit is always with us. He does not come and go nor fill us more one moment and less so the next. He simply comes in and dwells with us forever and ever. 

When the Spirit comes in, our life should reflect His presence. If we live according to our flesh day after day, year after year, we must examine our foundation in Christ and make sure we are truly His. While we all struggle to reflect the Spirit as we should each moment of our lives, evidence that He lives within us should be witnessed by others. It should be our joy to allow Him to shine through us! This is a powerful way God uses His people to give witness to Himself.

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